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ООО ХАDО, Химический концерн

The Chemical concern XADO located in Kharkov, Ukraine was founded in 1991. The main lines of business – the products of advanced technologies (development, production, application).

The enterprise possesses a modern production plant with total area – 6 hectares, equipped by the latest techniques facilities (with total area more than 5,000 m2) and office buildings in Kharkov, Kiev, Moscow and Utrecht (Netherlands).

The high-technology equipment is used in production. The Chemical concern also has a scientific research centre with perfectly equipped, certified laboratories: physical-chemical, chemitological, tribological and a shooting gallery, ballistic laboratory and an educational and technical centre.

Our product is XADO Technology - the unique technology which repairs machines and mechanisms without disassembly. The new technology is based on the discovery of revitalization process (from Latin “vita” – “life”) which underlay the creation of XADO revitalizants. The first product under trade mark XADO came into the market in 1999. The five-year purposeful scientific research, industrial experiments and approbation of the products had preceded until XADO revitalizants came to the market. The products had a great demand among the consumers, and interested not only specialists of certain domain. Next year Chemical concern developed a series of restoring gels and greases with a different degree of revitalization. These products were designed not only for motorists, but also to be applied in industry, transport, power engineering and the armaments industry. XADO Technology is very simple and easy in application, and XADO effect can be measured and fixed a shortest period. These are the indubitable arguments for XADO Technology.

The Revitalizants’ efficiency is proved by the certification tests in 35 countries of the world. The discovery of Revitalization is protected by patents of Australia, Germany, China, Russia, USA, Ukraine, South Africa and other countries.

The formulation of Atomic Revitalizant is one of the most important achievements of the scientists of Chemical concern. Due to this invention the formula of the motor and transmission oils was created in a new way. XADO oils let the driver’s dream come true: we succeeded in creating an oil which takes care after the parts of a mechanism preventing the friction surfaces from losing metal atoms.

This work has been generally recognized by the serious West partners; as a result we have the co-operative program of XADO Atomic Oils production.

In 2004 Chemical concern began to produce oils with Atomic Revitalizant. These are the best motor and transmission oils, the presence of revitalizant makes them brand-new, unique and unsurpassed.

Nowadays Chemical concern XADO offers more than 100 kinds of products, which you can buy in different countries of the world through the trade net of general and regional agents and service centers. Even in Antarctica on polar station there are generators treated by XADO Technology!

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